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  1. Now this is the kind of pop-spunk/ezcrab I'm talking about, catchy af
  2. *insert navy seal copypasta*
  3. Well you're right here, but then again those who follow the band and joined the Facebook messenger teasing were very pleased and intrigued from start to finish. It took commitment of course and Northlane aren't huge enough to make enough people interested in that so the buzz wasn't huge but it was big enough in certain social groups like r/metalcore.
  4. Pretty sure Northlane did more teasing than A7X tbh.
  5. Can you honestly say the same after hearing the rest? Whenever I read "sounds like every other progressive band out there" it blows my mind because yeah if you'd focus on a certain instrumental or some aspect of each song maybe you'd get a tesseract or meshuggah or whatever vibe from some parts, of course, but the way Marcus delivers the vocals, the added ambience/synths and the way songs flow all in all either reminds me of no similar bands or I must have amnesia or some shit. I just don't get it, I feel like they've made something with enough experimentation and variety in the prog/metalcore genres that shows their future potential a lot more than Node did. Them going back to Singularity/Discoveries-esque sound would be a suicide with a fuckton of near "copycat" bands going straight for that sound in the recent ~3 years, some of them deliver, some of them are sub-par, but in Northlane's sense that'd be a huge regression and fan catering, and what they did with this one is a lot more impressive, especially with the sounds they made on songs like Zero-One or Render.
  6. Looks pretty low-rez to me.
  7. Turned out to be pretty damn repetitive and straight forward but I can dig this from time to time. Good vibes.
  8. Please don't zip singles so I can just stream them when I choose zippy or nippy, thank you.
  9. BRO IT'S 2017 C'MON
  10. So weird how they have no more dedicated screamer vocalist but the song itself is nothing special but quite nice. The instrumentals have an edge to them.
  11. Couldn't contain myself at the cringe that was the Ich Will guy.
  12. You're not, it has a very late 90s vibe, nirvana/limp bizkit comes to mind
  13. lol where does that even go?