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  1. Cant wait for Friday. Really interesting album art choice.
  2. Whattt! So excited. thanks a bunch cant wait for the official release.
  3. WTF what magical concert line up is that!!! DMM, Disperse and Plini my god the feels in the room are going to be unreal. Fantastic album. Love everything ive heard so far
  4. Not a chance.
  5. Easily one of the biggest and best releases of the year. If you love progressive metal do not miss out. Jakub is truly one of a kind.
  6. I've been told this is something to be very excited about. Can't wait to see
  7. Amazing. Just fantastic music. Definitely the highlight of my day along with ghost iris
  8. This band makes some of the best deathcore around. Absolutely killer. thanks for all the leaks today KL team
  9. huge release. very anticipated
  10. This exceeded my expectations in every way. Incredible album full of beautiful tunes
  11. Really good stuff
  12. I have been jamming this for like a week nonstop. Super solid and one of my favorite releases of the year.
  13. Oh man been waiting for this. Singles were fantastic. Thank you very much
  14. did each band do 3 songs?
  15. god damn this is super good