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  1. Great album! Still getting used to these uncleans though... not a big fan. Glad there's more clean vocals this time. Music is amazing as usual.
  2. Never heard of these guys before. Not sure if this album is post hardcore but wow really liking it! Will check out their other stuff
  3. Lol! Yep pretty much. Where it says #SaveKL Chatbox etc. Would be awesome. Thanks!!
  4. Oh ok. Could you possibly have it on its own page too with a menu option in mobile view? It's probably the main thing I look at since I don't know a lot of bands on here and tend to follow what's popular / trending
  5. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but how do I access the trending leaks section on the home page when in mobile view? The only way I can currently do this on a phone is to request the desktop site but can't seem to find this section anywhere on the mobile website.
  6. Agreed, especially their first album. Maybe darke complex too if you want rap / nu metal. As for this tune.... terrible! RIP LP
  7. Not liking any of the singles much apart from the first one. His screams sound a bit worse to me compared to their last album imo.
  8. This is exactly how I felt. Their ep was better I guess.
  9. Agree it does sound weird. Not what I expected there are some fillers but I like it overall.
  10. Thanks! Was waiting for this
  11. Their last album made me a fan of them. People like their heavier stuff though as usual.
  12. It's alright. Their last album had some fillers too imo.
  13. Looking forward to this. Could be a nice surprise like I got with darke complex's album... similar sound sort of. Good shit.
  14. Both are good. Skeptas last album was disssapointing though, and wiley is the creator of grime (is what I hear) so you should defo check out his stuff.
  15. Defo. Best grime album I've heard in a while