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  1. I'm legitimately surprised that lord kingdom is allowing comments on this thread, he usually disables comments for front porch step posts
  2. Another single already? Awesome!
  3. My gamertag is tenuouszeromus I'm on most of the time so add me whenever. As for multiplayer games I have watch dogs 2 gears of war 4 dead rising 4 overwatch Tony hawks pro skater 5 the division Titanfall 2 homefront the revolution resident evil 5 dragon age inquisition cod advanced warfare the elder scrolls online destiny far cry 4 minecraft smite assassins creed black flag and unity resident evil revelations 2 and warframe
  4. This shaping up to be a great album they are about to put out
  5. this easily the best thing luke griffin has ever done
  6. This surprisingly decent, after unconditional I expected something a Lot worse, easily their best record since the hollow
  7. I'd rather have another album cover from them of Danny's tattoos but what do I care? My compassion for this band went missing lol
  8. This soooo fucking sick!
  9. This album got Way more interesting in the second half
  10. wow this is really good,Aarons vocals sound alot better than they did on phantom
  11. for red cloud and again go silent partway through the song
  12. Damn, now THIS is how you do a deathcore record! Grind forever is absolutely insane
  13. I was pleasantly surprised with this album