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  1. I did it. This Album is fucking amazing. Holy shit
  2. Fuck my Life. Im @ Berlin right now and this leak makes me cry. Why can it be leaked so early?
  3. Yeah, joytime is pretty dope! I like his solo stuff and some remixes/Features (like this one).
  4. Uhhh sexy Song!
  5. Album Announcement. Pretty sure
  6. NEW NORTHLANE BOIS!!!111 Serious. This Song is so Good. Man, this is lit. I can not Stop listening ♡ Thanks 4 uploading!
  7. Oh shit. I like this record much more than echoes. But yeah.. opinions
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. Feb 17*
  10. Ikr. Most ppl trink, it will be a poppig album
  11. Maybe this Single is Heavy as Fuck.. I hope so
  12. Some New lp shit. "The first single from their new album is entitled "Heavy" and goes for Top 40 adds on February 21st. This will probably be released on February 17th. http://fmqb.com/Article.asp?id=16691"
  13. There is a Theorie about a new linkin park song, comming on valentine Day
  14. Uh uh uh Ty!!!
  15. Nice!