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    This is a great track. Despite the album being a little over produced I loved California. If the deluxe album follows along the same lines of this track it could be even better though.
  2. I've really enjoyed their previous albums. I hope this one is just as good if not better.
  3. No problem. I am always buying more Punk albums when they get released so I will share more as and when.
  4. Thanks for the recs, some bands I've heard of, some I haven't. It's always great discovering new music.
  5. Wow one post in and I've already discovered a great band I'd never listened to before! I thank you sir!
  6. Hi All, I am after some band or album recommendations is possible please. I usually listen mostly to Punk Rock and old school style Pop Punk but every now and again I really get into some Post Hardcore bands. I mostly prefer clean vocals. Here are some albums I've enjoyed in the past... Awaken I Am - Shields & Crowns Hands Like Houses - (All of their albums) The Bad Chapter - Cheers To The Down & Outs Broadway - Contexture: ... Our Last Night - Younger Dreams Has there been any releases similar to the above that have come out in the last year or so that I may have missed out on? Thanks everyone.
  7. This has been a good start to 2017 for Punk Rock... Great album!
  8. Less Than Jake are one of my all time favorite bands and this release only confirms that even more. I can't wait for more.
  9. This band is just always awesome!
  10. Joey continues to be one of my favorite rappers!
  11. My apologies for the delay... Check your PM Hyper!
  12. I will probably be purchasing this off bandcamp today if you want a flac or 320 version?
  13. This and the new murderburgers album is going to fill my weekend with punk rock awesomeness!
  14. I was so hoping this would come before I went away and it's arrived earlier than I thought! One of my all time favorite bands, they always will be. Despite the criticism I loved most of the trilogy as well! Cannot wait to listen to this!
  15. YES! Cannot wait to listen to this!