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  1. Will @Dwesk be mad if I say I'm sleeping on this?
  2. Say whaaaat
  3. Album sounds promising, can't wait to hear the full thing
  4. A.G. Cook did an amazing job on production, can't wait to hear more from them
  5. Holy fuck Frankie is angry on this record, I absolutely love it
  6. I'm not much of a John Mayer fan but gotta admit this release is sweet as hell
  7. I like this release better than last week's FUTURE so far, really digging the R&B/Pop vibes in this one
  8. Thanks, was waiting for this one.
  9. KL commits Suicide in Silence... I love you guys.
  10. Great release, I'll be on the lookout for 320!
  11. Very eager to hear a full debut album from this fellow
  12. Future actually singing without his signature auto-tuned mumbling, this is rare... but also quite enjoyable.
  13. On another note, I've been jamming the album a lot and it's an outstanding release! Thanks again for the leak
  14. It's just the way the files are named, nothing really important just an ocd type thing
  15. To whoever tagged this: You and I can't be friends.