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  1. 8 songs in and its fantastic!
  2. I love this album! good to see it on here again!
  3. Seriously......I mean it is "ok" if it was a band that has just started out and its totally all fresh etc. But going from the band they were to this is like are you serious! it is a total shift and it is just to "fit in" with everything else out there. Many bands have changed there direction and shift, but not to the extent where it is so obvious that all they want to do is just be picked up by a label to sell shit. I mean ok you need to make a living but can any of these band members be really happy with what they have had to resort to? who would really be able to wake up in the morning and be like well I sold out and am creating music I really dont like well done guys, well done on f*cking yourself in the A**