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  1. single

    This is sooooo brilliant. *_*
  2. Kinda disappointed Ben's not singing more tho.
  3. It's sooo good. AOTY contender for me.
  4. Little Brother- Terrace https://littlebrotherau.bandcamp.com/album/terrace
  5. It releases day after. So expect 320 or iTunes in a couple of days.
  6. This song is great, totally loved the song. But am I the only one who's missing the last album's mixing and vibes? Because imo, that made listening to them more unique and they stood out totally.
  7. Honorable mentions- DGD, Real Friends and Transit. :3
  8. As It Is. The voice of both vocalists just blends in with catchy riffs and solid drumming and lyrically brilliant too. Best pop punk album of last year imo.