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  1. Disappointed, I came into this hoping to be able to write a Tumblr rant after listening to one song, hell, I even made a Tumblr account just for this album! Nottriggered/10
  2. My wrists will never be the same
  3. An instrumental album, for a deathcore band?... Yeah, my brain is incapable of computing the logic behind this release
  4. Landon is my new God, seriously it's insane the amount of talent this one guy has
  5. Ohhhh, thanks m8
  6. Can anyone clarify if there are any differences between songs with the same name on the two cd's
  7. Completely writing off a song because of one word sounds pretty stupid, and that's my opinion.
  8. *Insert ungrateful comment on how the quality isn't exactly 320
  9. This is so good, shame it'll probably be glossed over
  10. Holy shit, I listened to dead to me and was like, "Meh, pretty good" and then nothing within hit and fucking blew me away! Can't wait to hear the rest!
  11. Every Blood On The Dance Floor album is a gift straight from heaven
  12. Yeah, after listening to the first minute of roach King, I immediately regretted posting that, for the betterment of humanity this album needs to be destroyed.
  13. We should get this trending just for the hell of it.
  14. C'mon guys, we all know the real album of the month, hell the year, is that new BOTDF record, pure gold right there, don't be a h8er