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  1. I think this is these guys best work to date, but that's just me (:
  2. 20 seconds in and this is already perfect
  3. Dance Gavin Dance, Blink-182, Crown the Empire, Beartooth, Chelsea Grin (some hits but mostly filler). Great year nonetheless 0
  4. Favorite deathcore release of the year next to Immoralist!
  5. Probably the biggest disappointment for me was Dance Gavin Dance's album. Instant Gratification was one of my most listened to albums of 2015 but I legit could not listen to Mothership all the way. Anyways, Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, The Devil Wears Prada, were all lackluster to me as well.
  6. I remember seeing these guys a while back and they said that it would be their last tour ever... Does this mean they're gonna release music but not tour?
  7. Not to be confused with the Progressive Metalcore band under the same name!
  8. I can vibe to this, reminds me a lot of Landon Tewers' solo stuff
  9. I'm seeing them for their 10 year anniversary of Still Searching with Counterparts and Movements, gonna be legendary
  10. This band def has a lot going for them. Insane vocals!
  11. You know these guys mean business when there's morse code in the tracklist
  12. I'm gonna have to give it to my boys in In Her Own Words. As for other releases I can't really say... None really compared in my opinion