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  1. No one is butthurt as you so eloquently put it. You need to read comments closer before you choose to pick them apart. I'm not lumping all who don't like the album into one group. I said for those who have specific reasons as to why they like it or don't, there's nothing wrong with that. It's the people who want everything to remain the same, or don't like something simply because it's not "heavy like they used to be", don't have much of a leg to stand on. No real reason for not liking something other than not being open to something new or different. So take it easy there Prey...er...Predator...
  2. when it comes to heavy music (well if I'm being honest, almost any genre) Two cultures seem to consistently do it better than most. The Aussies, and the Brits. This album is honestly one of my favorite metalcore releases in quite some time. Front to back, there wasn't one song I didn't like. The musicianship, both vocalists, the lyrics...all so incredible. The true, raw emotion felt throughout the album just kicks like a fuckin' mule. If you slept on this, you truly must get your IQ AND ears checked.
  3. When I'm angry I listen to shit like this. I don't need incredible insight lyrically speaking. Don't need the most technical or creative musicianship. Just something that even mentally and metaphorically makes me feel like my veins are exploding with fire as I punch by bloody knuckles against the wall...this does that, so it works. Music has all sorts of meanings and uses.
  4. ...And the winner of the Stay Sick March 3rd release match is Villain Of The Story! Crazy good album. Doesn't necessarily bring anything completely new or fresh to the table of post-hardcore/metalcore, but there's nothing that feels lackadaisical or stale about it either. Awesome vocals, both screamed and clean, heavy as hell when needed, excellent touches of electronics...Fronz did it again (by did it again, I mean signed another band better than his...)
  5. Overall it's a pretty decent album. I do enjoy it. But I hyped myself out way too much, and it didn't live up to it sadly. The singles (imo) were so stellar, that I expected more from the album as a whole. It will stay on my iPhone (mostly cause I have the 256G model), and get some plays from time to time, but of the two Stay Sick albums that dropped on March 3rd, this did not take the winning title...
  6. These guys are fuckin' fun as hell. I mean come on...song titles like "Goin' In The Backdoor", "Poontang Boomerang", and "Pussy Ain't Free"...? You just gotta love that. Also pretty much sums up my life...my bar is as low as it can go...
  7. Such an awesome album! Admittedly, I honestly didn't really know about the band until I had seen some of the singles for this release. I dig it big time. Such a huge old school AFI/Alkaline Trio feel, and that's never a bad thing. Check this out, or you shall be referred to as "sleeping"...and possibly deaf...
  8. This album is absolutely stellar. People NEED to stop bitching about "blah blah blah the band doesn't sound the same anymore", "blah blah blah this sounds nothing like their old stuff". For one, progression in sound is only natural for any band in any genre. Playing the same old stuff, over and over for years can get stale. It helps to reignite the excitement and passion needed for making (and still loving to make) music for all. And stop comparing the new to the old. They aren't the same Northlane (see point A), things change, people change, tastes change...yup, you guessed it...change is inevitable in life (not speaking to the people who just simply don't find this their taste of music. a logical and concise reason for not liking something has to be respected as well). Anywho, I personally am definitely digging this album big time. I'll admit it took me a few listens to fully take in every subtle nuance and element, but once I had, the album as a whole just blew me out of the water. Marcus' vocals have definitely grown. He seems to have more range in both screaming and cleans. It was also nice to see an album that covered a broader spread of subject matter. Worrying about the Earth truly is something of great importance, but when every single song is related to that topic it COULD get a wee boring (didn't find NODE boring in the SLIGHTEST, just simply saying persistence of only one subject could become tiresome). Stylistically I miss a bit of the ambience that was more prevalent on Node, but by no means is that ambience fully lost on Mesmer. Overall this is a stunning album, and it really concretes Marcus' role within the band (personal opinion), and shows these Aussie boys aint slowin' down anytime soon.
  9. That's exactly how I feel about the Flatliners vocalist! But I hear what you're layin' down broheim
  10. Can't say I agree or disagree cause it's been quite some time since I listened to Rascal Flatts...but now sir you have me curious...
  11. Lol whaaaaaat?? No offense meant (AT ALL), but check your ears mate!
  12. As I said, it is just my own opinion. Cavalcade is phenomenal. So is the great awake. This just has a healthy mix of all past releases and the vocalist has definitely expanded his abilities. Not saying others should share my opinion though...
  13. Absolutely their best album yet (in my ever so humble opinion). Carries some of that punk feel they've always done so well, with a twist of alternative and almost some americana/folksy likevibes thrown in for good measure. Nice to see a label like Rise recognize some good quality Canadian tunes!
  14. Well this was one helluva surprise to wake up to! You guys are killin' it even harder lately, and it is much appreciated. Grew up not too far from these guys, they're super cool and play some badass fun tunes. Super stoked to give this a listen! Spanks @HyperDose and KL