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  1. This is extremely solid, easily the best thing Ronnie has done since Dying Is Your Latest Fashion imo. If a new band released this album with the right push, it'd be absolutely massive, but I feel like since it's Ronnie/FIR it'll still get undeserved hate. Color me EXTREMELY impressed though.
  2. I really love this... gonna be very interesting to see how fans react to the new sound, but it's really good.
  3. Damn this sounds fantastic... can't wait.
  4. single

    It's alright... musically it's decent but I think them trying so hard since Tom left to recapture their youth in these songs just comes across as forced and not genuine to me. Don't really need 40-year-old multi-millionaires singing "We are forgotten young suburbia"... the untitled album ruled because it felt like progression, and this doesn't feel like that at all. I also hope they ditch Feldmann on the next album... the overdone vocalizings, "teen battle cry" lyrics, and overall disjointed or generic vibe is a hallmark of a lot of his recent work regardless of the artist, and it shows no signs of stopping with Blink unless they go with some else to be honest.
  5. single

    Wow, best song of theirs in years imo.
  6. Yeah, he still tracked drums on the album too. Crazy that there's only three of them playing on the album, it's so dense.
  7. Totally agreed with you, it's a fantastic album... definitely my favorite of theirs so far. The Mars Volta/Closure in Moscow vibes are STRONG and I love that about it.
  8. I don't mind the new direction, both this and Heavy are decent... I feel like they could do something more creative with full-on pop music than we've gotten so far from these two singles though. We'll see with the whole album if there's more experimentation or all songs that are this straightforward.
  9. All four songs off this so far have been pretty enjoyable... well done Ronnie I suppose lol, this might actually be a solid album.
  10. AOTY candidate, I can feel it...
  11. Never responded to this because I haven't been on here much... Fair enough. I just think it's stupid to call someone "close-minded" for not liking one guest feature on one track. I listen to a bunch of rap, and I checked out some of Pouya's other stuff since I was curious. It wasn't bad, not really my style of rap but there was definite skill there.
  12. To be honest I don't think the style of the new tracks I've heard was awful in and of itself, I mostly just had some issues with the production choices and some of Eddie's vocals. I'm curious to give this a listen in spite of the hate, and I definitely don't think it's bad just because they tried something different.
  13. "become"?
  14. Alright so this is growing on me with repeat listens lol... Myke's parts are SO good here that it's making me tolerate the rest. It is VERY catchy I'll give it that.
  15. Aren't you the guy who bashes any band that changes their style in a more mainstream direction even slightly lol? You really gonna call other people close-minded? He may be a good rapper, idk, I'll admit I don't know any of his other stuff. I'm only judging by the verse I heard, which was tacky as hell and didn't fit well with the music at all. If he's really "one of the best rappers in the underground", I hope his own music is significantly better.