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  1. single

    Really odd choice to release the closing track, but hey whatever. Album is gonna slay.
  2. Think I prefer the new Can't Swim over this, but this album is fantastic either way.
  3. Bayside, '68, The Hotelier, Captain We're Sinking, AJJ, PUP, The Wonder Years, Jeff Rosenstock, SycAmour, and Tiny Moving Parts. That'd be killer.
  4. Strong option for best of March, such a good record. Gotta wait to hear the new Sorority Noise before making that call though.
  5. single

    Song is killer, this album is going to be insane
  6. @@bost42 I loved Vacancy, man. Not Fair is a jam.
  7. '68, SycAmour, Captain We're Sinking, and Brand New
  8. @@tragictactics not singles, full albums. He's the guitarist of the bands The Mars Volta and At The Drive-In. Over the years he's made 100s of songs he's never released so he's just recently started to.
  9. http://kingdom-leaks.com/index.php?/topic/948-twenty-one-pilots-discography/?hl=%2Btwenty+%2Bone+%2Bpilots
  10. I didn't expect you to actually get all of them, you are legendary!
  11. Also if you can find em Meet Me In St. Louis - Variations On Swing (2007) Johnny Foreigner - Waited Up 'Til It Was Light (2008) Johnny Foreigner - Grace And The Bigger Picture (2009) Johnny Foreigner - Johnny Foreigner vs Everything (2011) Million Dead - A Song To Ruin (2003) Million Dead - Harmony No Harmony (2005) Reuben - Racecar spelled backwards Is Racecar (2004) Tubelord - Our First American Friends (2009) Goodluck, man. I love you
  12. Blakfish - Champions (2009) Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? (2015) Secondsmile - Years (2008) Secondsmile - Walk Into The Light (2009) Bobby Barnett - Little Wounds (2014) Bobby Barnett - Showing Teeth (2015) Bobby Barnett - Live From The Star (2016)
  13. Soooooooooo, anyone remember Dissonants? Nobody? Also Andrew Jackson Jihad, Beartooth, letlive., ADTR, and The Hotelier all released pretty lackluster releases this year. Feels like a lot of the releases I was excited for ended up being unsatisfying.