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  1. Wasn't hype for this release, but I'm excited to see something leak so early. Will definitely give it a listen.
  2. I love these song and Hallelujah Money. Apparently all 3 will be on the album. O shit.
  3. Damn. Me likey.
  5. I'm loving this album, and the cover art makes it feel like I'm playing facade.
  6. Damn. Ya got me.
  7. Influenced doesn't mean they copied their sound lmao.
  8. If you think thats the spirit and heavy sound the same, you might want to get your ears checked. Besides, Linkin Park isnt going to stop until they make pretty much every genre. Expect a progressive deathcore album in 2020 from them.
  9. I'm hyped for this simply because Dave Mustaine, Randy Blythe, and Max Cavalera are all featured on the album.
  10. So many people saying that id t doesn't sound like LP but do they really have one solid "sound"? Heavy definitely goes into territory we haven't seen from LP, but still has the LP feel to it. Been a fan since Hybrid Theory, and I enjoy heavy just as much as I enjoy any Linkin Park song.
  11. No I get it but its a weird leak. Title track isn't even on the album, no details about it releasing were ever released, and half the songs are basically remastered. Still gonna jam it though lol.