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  1. I feel like Left For Dead will fit as a closer if you listen to the album in its entirety, but as a closing single, it feels odd. I feel the same way about eternally yours by miw.
  2. I mean he screamed in jamie's elsewhere years ago.
  3. I love these song and Hallelujah Money. Apparently all 3 will be on the album. O shit.
  4. I'm loving this album, and the cover art makes it feel like I'm playing facade.
  5. I'm hyped for this simply because Dave Mustaine, Randy Blythe, and Max Cavalera are all featured on the album.
  6. No I get it but its a weird leak. Title track isn't even on the album, no details about it releasing were ever released, and half the songs are basically remastered. Still gonna jam it though lol.