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  1. single

    Its 11 tracks....if you think of it & plus that's what Mark said also.....can't fuckin wait.....this stuff is what the first album was gonna sound like.....now we get to hear it ... ill be in the parking lot waiting.
  2. she just keeps on getting better . i love her style.
  3. . love these songs...can't wait for the new album.
  4. Amazing...but they need to come out with a new album.
  5. Oh god, well I'm done.
  6. ☝ read my post
  7. ... Why the hell is he going in this direction, its so uncomfortable listening to this (being that I hate country) & knowning that its him singing this is a downward spiral of his career... What's next.. doing a duet with Faith Hill or Reba McEntire. -
  8. This. Is. Amazing. I Love This Best Track -> Down Patton Hill (So Raw, Emotion & Real Life) one of the best of 2017 DEF.
  9. He speaks the truth . all his songs are so beautiful & passionate.
  10. Tiny Kingdoms then this......great fucking night...thanks a bunch... also went to there bandcamp & bought all there stuff.
  11. So pumped up about this album...great album!
  12. Wow, im blown away by this band, truly amazing, vocals are amazing as well, i went on there bandcamp & bought all there albums. True â¤
  13. 6 through 11 are ok songs. really like Million Reasons.
  14. Paper Thin I love this EP . Amazing
  15. go to http://yellowcardrock.com/ this is the last album from YC........
  16. THANKS HD loved her lasted album.
  17. This band is all about the . I checked them out on bandcamp & got more of there tunes, fantastic band, fantastic