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  1. God damn, this is such a crusher. Wish Nails did one more track though.
  2. Been resisting to check these guys out mostly because of the band name lol finally gave the single a shot and I'm hooked within seconds. Let's see how the rest goes.
  3. Glad I've grown out of this band.
  4. single

    So good. Glad they went with this style. Never been a huge fan until they released Dark Matter.
  5. single

    Been waiting for this since the single came out. Totally worth it. So sick. Wish they'd picked a different band name though.
  6. Pretty decent. Might grow on me. Killer music video though.
  7. Always wondered how albums got leaked but I'm afraid I'll get banned or something if I asked lol Thanks for posting this!
  8. Heh, not bad.
  9. Yeah agreed. I changed my mind. It's not as bad as I thought it would be.
  10. Ok this has grown on me A LOT. Been jamming to it so hard lately.
  11. I enjoyed everything they have released ever since Between The Lies (not a fan of their old southern rock style at all) but this is just alright. Pretty decent. At least better than I expected.
  12. My thoughts exactly when I heard the first single. I don't get the hype.
  13. Not a fan of Blue Castle but everyone seems to be loving it. Guess I should give these guys another shot.
  14. Intrigued by the album artwork. Glad I checked it out.