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  1. move it was released on december 10, 2013 and now we have february 25, 2017 so 3 singles/videos within 3 years 2 months and 15 days what an accomplishment btw anyone knows if they re going to play move it and i will never lose my way live ?
  2. well the source is 2ddl.one and they were always right when I sent links
  3. thanks any chance for the other albums in FLAC ?
  4. I think this is real 320 can anyone check it ? POSTING DL LINKS IS AGAINST SITE RULES
  5. I thought he was working on a full length for idk 5 years or so ?
  6. I Still need to check this out but just wanna say I prefer Zandro as clean singer dreaming & infinity are still my favorite tracks by them
  7. Craig is good at it
  8. my favorites are the first and last song
  9. any news about the album or can we expect it with the single release ?
  10. hahahahahhaha I came her to write what an awesome song "memories" is the only song i gave 5/5 rating in my wmp and I totally heard that jay z part too. thought it was just me. haha
  11. Brandon Elgar sings on the record too ? he is the bassist & pretty much new in the band and he was lead singer in I, Assailant and another band before (I don't remember)
  12. Blessthefall Burning Down Alaska Youth In Revolt - The Broken (Jan 20) Dangerkids - Blacklist (Jan 27) & I'm not sure about those two, if they ll release new ones: From Autumn To Ashes Alesana
  13. great single probably my fave single by them
  14. haha. awesome photo. aaron looks a lil bit like an asian and is kinda "big"