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  1. The albums okay. Seems like a grower for sure. Almost every song I start off not liking but end up liking it. Last half of the album is really good. I would have went with a different track order. First half really lacks something the second half has.
  2. This is This is actually the first of his next 12 releases hahaha. So awesome. Can't waitm
  3. Man. I thought this was the other spitfire band. Haven't listened to them in years.
  4. Are ya'll crany? This sucks. Sounds like they stole everything from other bands. Coheed, emarosa, panic, circa... the list goes on. Musically it's good. Vocally and lyrically horrible.
  5. If you wanna here the other 4,999 albums here. It does not include any from this year though. http://www.leakyfaucet.us/index.html
  6. First three tracks were great. After that I thought each song kept getting worse. I'm all for trying new things but I'll mark this as a miss. That new touche amore on the otherhand. Amazing.
  7. 12 albums this year. All recorded from 03 to 13 I believe. They have more albums next year coming out. No idea on the count. This dude spends his life in the studio. There's probably hundreds of albums of material.