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  1. I'm...kinda dissapointed not because it is not nu-metal or rock but because i've been a huge linkin park fan for years and the times they've release a new single they used to give me the chills and this didn't do it. Still it is a good song it'll probably grow on me the more I listen
  2. Yesss finally! Thank you lord
  3. I'll probably give it a listen another day but now after listening to this version of Love is a Liar's Game i wasn't able to listen more. Man I love the original version of that song but this one really sucks imo.
  4. Strawberry Girls Drummer is in this and on his solo album not the guitarrist. The ex-CHON guitarrist is on this
  5. This sounds really good didn't expect his voice to sound this good
  6. Eternity Forever debut EP (Kurt Travis new band with ex-CHON guitarrist and Strawberry Girls Drummer) and I'm hoping for a reimagined EP for Emarosa's 131
  7. Im so happy for Emarosa being on the list. Imo the best album of the year
  8. This makes me miss more My darkest days
  9. Legados - Mil Intentos EP (2016) https://itunes.apple.com/ar/album/mil-intentos-ep/id1161339557 Freak Out Discography https://itunes.apple.com/in/artist/freak-out/id1117542790 It is really hard to find argentinian bands good quality files Thanks
  10. 1. Emarosa - 131 2. Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership 3. Issues - Headspace 4. Famous Last Words - The Incubus 5. The Word Alive - Dark Matter 6. I Prevail - Lifelines 7. A Day To Remember - Bad Vibrations 8. Crown The Empire - Retrograde 9. Anthony Green - Pixie Queen 10. Beartooth - Aggresive
  11. I voted for DGD however personally Emarosa - 131 is AOTY for me
  12. Which band are u talking about? If it's All For Love I can pm u a link
  13. It's kinda sad to me cuz I really like almost every of their album, (unconditional had some decent songs) but the instrumentals are more of the same that they have been doing since challenger not anything new, the preachy lyrics do not bother me at all but they should innovate a bit more on the instrumentals because it sounds repetitive
  14. Esta mierda está buena pero necesita mas español, pinches cabrones