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  1. I honestly can't pick a song I like more. As a whole, its so good! Miles better than Node, that's for sure.
  2. So much for being unheard (I had to). Weird that they picked a slow-ish song for a first single. I really do like it though, can't wait to hear more!
  3. He's not really new, he went from drummer/co-vocalist to just the main vocalist. Really enjoyed this album a lot more than I expected to, took me a few listens to really get into it, but its a really solid album! Catalyst is my favorite track atm.
  4. Yeah she had a kid and decided to leave, so Matt brought Joseph back in the band. Joseph did some demos for Food Chain before Chris rejoined and did the album instead.
  5. That wasn't the main reason she left IIRC, but I do agree this was a much better move to progress in this direction. This is probably one of their better albums.
  6. A lot catchier than "My Uzi Holds a Hundred Round Conscience", I can get into this.
  7. I forgot about the demo they played for this, turned out better than expected.
  8. I like how you completely disregarded his point about how fans react because "piracy site".
  9. I doubt we'll get a new DGD album this year anyways, we are getting a Secret Band album though.
  10. Yeah, they have an album coming out sometime this year.
  11. Marmozets, A Lot Like Birds, Being As An Ocean, WCAR (hope this one doesn't fail me), The Animal In Me, and Oceans Ate Alaska. Those are the only ones I can think of.
  12. It's one thing to dislike the album, but to criticize someone's music taste as shit is just an irrelevant response imo.
  13. 1. DGD - Mothership 2. Periphery - P3: Select Difficulty 3. Sianvar - Stay Lost 4. Saosin - Along The Shadow 5. Emarosa - 131 6. Hands Like Houses - Dissonants 7. The Devil Wears Prada - Transit Blues 8. Dayshell - Nexus 9. Blink 182 - California 10. I See Stars - Treehouse Can't wait for 2017 now, I need new ALLB and Marmozets already! haha
  14. I get that DGD may not be the best band listed, but I wouldn't say they're horrible. Really Enjoyed DGD, Dayshell, and TDWP equally, though. INB4 DGD fan so my point is invalid.
  15. The title for the last track describes what I think about the album.