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  1. Fuck yes! Some quality material right here. Easily one of my favorite bands.
  2. This just reminded me how good Protest The Hero is and makes me want new Chiodos. This is awesome. Love the sarcasm in his voice.
  3. Liking this. Solid EP.
  4. This is a nice ep right here. Cool album artwork too. But the music is what's really impressive. Enjoyable as hell.
  5. I can't wait for this and the new Heart Attack Man album.
  6. Thanks guys. Site looks nice.
  7. Fuck yeah. Thanks. This. Extortionist and Ghost Key all in one month. This month is looking good and next month is looking even better. Love the heavy stuff.
  8. Cant wait for this. Thanks
  9. Just realized how much the intro sounds like a Borgore song.
  10. I love this album. I enjoy Black Label a hell of a lot more but this is really nice. Different. I'm just glad they did better than Darke Complex at changing it up. I only liked two songs off Point Oblivion sadly. This, however, I can jam the whole thing. Very good.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Chugcore has been killing it with these awesome releases lately. Thanks!
  13. This and Bungler got me excited. Can't wait.