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  1. "Sumerian ruined Slaughter To Previal" idiots can fuck off after this song
  2. single

    Rapcore made me excited for some Hollywood Undead type shit. This is just boring ass Nu Metal though, too bad
  3. First 2 minutes are pretty generic modern deathcore, rest is good. im also pretty sure that alex is satan. those fucking vocals
  4. Inb4 page is down
  5. Gonna need a bottle for all these tears soon damn
  6. Well thats boring
  7. Can't wait to listen to this with a nice cup of hardcore kid tears
  8. I hope you're not saying that you have a different opinion than me.
  9. Last album was fantastic, this is better than the last single at least
  10. If this sounds the way that artwork looks im gonna cut my ears off EDIT: This is very good.
  11. If the vocals are too heavy you probably shouldnt listen to something labeled slam my friend
  12. There are plenty of pig squeals so I dont get that complain. Musically I would even say its the best project Luke has been in, everything about this is good, and thank god he's not fucking off beat this time.
  13. Usually people on here bitch about everything I say so it's hard to tell when someone's just joking around. Sorry for getting defensive lol