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  1. single

    vocals are better than ever. their best song to date (also TPIY vibes)
  2. Holy shit the second half of Hold me Up is sick. Shouldve made an entire album like that. rest isnt terrible tbh
  3. I kinda liked Doris and Silence if it wasnt for the horrible production. Going into this open minded. (also disappointed that you didnt call it Suicide Sorry)
  4. Close minded wasnt aimed just at you, but at any comment saying its bad just because theres rapping in it. And to me its stupid to call one of the best underground rappers at the moment horrendous. Theres a difference between "I find this rapper bad" and "this rapper is garbage"
  5. Wow this is good. Noone expects to hear something like this nowadays lol
  6. Never heard of these guys, but this song is fucking LIT
  7. Been a fan since Raw, loved everything until he suddenly starting making trap music, which took some time getting used to. This sounds like something that couldve been on Knock Madness which is nice, but dudes gotta chill with the whining about dame and swizzz
  8. As many people, I find it sad that they let go of their original style and as many people, I find the artwork atrocious. Still excited to listen to it, the songs that are already out are bangers
  9. Dont act like this isn't very bland and generic for this great band
  10. Oh yeah Im definitely that guy. Oh I love new I See Stars,The Word Alive, Imminence, and so many other bands that went alt rock? Never mind that. I said something bad about an album one time so obviously I hate all of it. I also dont like some deathcore albums so I guess I really dont like any genre at all
  11. Calling one of the best rappers in the underground horrendous is stupid lol. People on here are close minded when it comes to stuff like that though and dont really know anything about it so Im not surprised
  12. POUYA HYPE Pretty great song, Feels Good was good too so this is gonna be the first VOlumes album i might actually enjoy
  13. I like some kiiara. I like Linkin Park. fuck this song.