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  1. This album just has it all. Wow. I feel like either this or Flesh coffin is gonna be my deathcore AOTY easily Ben is one of my favourite and one of the heaviest deathcore vocalists at the moment, Dickie Allen still manages to make even him sound like an angel
  2. Guess we're not on the same thread then. Also I didn't specifically say "people in this thread acting surprised.."
  3. People acting surprised about Halo references from a Halo themed band lul (They are literally called Shadow of Intent)
  4. Second song is literally Saturnz Barz by Gorillaz holy shit
  5. Damn. Sounds like a completely different band (in a good way)
  6. Loathe, Charlatan, this.. so much refreshingly good music this month
  7. single

    Now this is just fucking good.
  8. Oh yeah this bangs. Way better than Runaway , not as great as Damaged Goods (which is my favourite song by them fuck off @Dwesk) tho
  9. Why didnt they stick with the "The Lake" direction?? Theyre one of my all time favourite bands so obviously they had to go for the alt rock meme (Lost control was ayy pretty good and the chorus of this song is neat too though)
  10. Refreshing.
  11. Yeah, Calloused gave me the wrong impression of what this band is gonna sound like
  12. Its what happens when you go into something expecting something else
  13. This song actually fucking rips.
  14. As a The Acacia Strain fan you're used to boring dull music. If that's for you fine, you gotta respect that some people expect more from the music they listen to though