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  1. our Lord and saviour.. has just broke the internet again
  2. omg throwback as fuck! lips like morphine!!!
  3. idk man. guess im still hung up on discoveries and singularity cuz i just cant get into this. hopefully thatll change cuz i used to loves this band
  4. you will never find a bigger spn fan than me. gimme that signature of yours! oh and i dig this song. never liked them before but this is good
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  8. FINE!!!!
  9. idk man. this is a great album but i dont think this album was as good as the tomorrow we die alive
  10. i love northlane. nothing will beat singularity and discoveries but this is still really good. thankss
  11. very interesting i like it. thanks mate
  13. i used to love these guys when they put out hidden hands of a sadist nation. gunna try this out and see how it is since so many people are saying good things. thank youu
  14. timmy tim tim mwuahhh

    1. vbooy57


      i wish these kisses were as real as my love for you

    2. Nimue


      its been a long time man<3