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  1. Oh wow! I was staring at this for at least a minute just thinking "wait... what?" Fantastic surprise!
  2. Thought their previous albums were great with Brainwashed being the pinnacle and I was disappointed in the singles they released for this but the album overall is pretty great.
  3. Decent album but not even close to Feel the Steel, don't think they'll ever top it.
  4. Been looking forward to this, thanks!
  5. This is mindblowingly good!
  6. I don't agree, I'm not sure how you could think this is more accessible or simplified in comparison to AHAH?
  7. I quite like albums having 10 songs and I don't know why haha
  8. I think it's a much stronger album than both, I love AHAH though and Hellbound is a good album but this just hits on an entirely other level for me. I do kind of wish they rounded it up to 10.
  9. Not a fan of Chelsea Grin myself but if you like any kind of heavy music then definitely give them a shot.
  10. Didn't think it could get any worse than Heavy.... I was wrong.
  11. single

    Tempted to not listen to it just so there's more new songs when the album drops lol
  12. Thought that was the album and I got excited, happens every damn time! Brilliant song though, might be my favourite thus far.