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  1. Not sure if I grew out my love for Northlane or what but this is not my thing. Don't get me wrong, it's a good album, way better than "Node" for sure. "Render" is a beast of a song but overall I was pretty "meh" about this album. I rather listen to Discoveries, maybe I can't get over Adrian's Northlane.
  2. Nope, I'm latino living in the US right now lol
  3. The hype was worth without a doubt. A fantastic punk rock album. I will work my ass off so I can buy a Warped Tour ticket to see them.
  4. Not a fan of Soundtracks but I will check this out since I'm stoked to see the new Power Rangers movie. Thanks! I'm gonna cringe so hard if the main theme song is trash.
  5. Such a beautiful album without a doubt.
  6. I thought no album could defeat "Scatter The Ashes" but this is great, their best work to date. Huge doom metal influenced hardcore. Heavy, slow and angry music.
  7. Instrumentals are awesome. Screams are bad as fuck. Not sure if the mix or just the guy. Overall it's an okay record.
  8. These guys are from my country, now located in Mexico. Can't stand them (their music is not my thing) but it is good to see their music posted on this website.
  9. Fun band to see live without a doubt. I was wondering if these were the same band I saw at Warped Tour and yes, they are amazing. Great relaxing album. Definitely gonna blast this on my way to the beach with my friends.
  10. This is something I didn't expect to find on KL, which is awesome if you ask me. This is probably the best brazilian metal band besides Sepultura. The kind of Black Metal your local priest would rip off his ears. 10/10 would burn a church down again
  11. MASSIVE album. Outstanding. A truly masterpiece.
  12. Nu-metalcore/downtempo? I don't give a fuck the genre you consider this album but we gotta admit this is AMAZING. The album is a total banger and those features are on point. I'm having such a fun time listening to this. Definitely will get a spot on my top March releases.
  13. Such an amazing record. More like "melodic death metal", this should be tagged as post-black metal. Regardless of the genre it's tagged, the record has something very unique.
  14. Great way to blend male & female vocals. Good production. It is a solid album.
  15. https://kitsunefl.bandcamp.com/album/uninvited