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  1. single

    Thank you. I am glad you approve.
  2. single

    haha get a life buddy. why would you even care?
  3. single

    thanks! It seems kind of strange that the track number and album artwork pops up on winamp. Could someone already have the whole album?
  4. This is a great surprise on 311 day! I had no idea a new album was coming so soon.
  5. i hate to be the one to ask this, but is there a quality update for this bad boy yet?
  6. This is really great. thanks guys. needed some new good music!
  7. hell yeah! thank you boys, this band is so amazing!
  8. songs i can't get into yet are : sidewalks, six feet under, love to lay, ordinary life, all i know and die for you. Everything else I love!
  9. yes this album is amazing! thank you
  10. never heard of these guys but this is great! thank you KL
  11. this sounds good to me for 128kbs
  12. Hetfield does sound amaziNG ON THIS
  13. isn't 72 minutes of metallica enough for you!