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  1. My head spontaneously combusted from this beat.
  2. When Northlane drops a banger of a new album and announces a tour date in your city on the same day.
  3. Btw this is a censored version of the album
  4. Alright seriously what the fuck, this is excellent.
  5. Fucking yes. From Indian Lakes is the shit.
  6. Oh yeah no question about that.
  7. I love Marcus so much but I feel like nobody can top Adrian on Singularity, his singing screams are what made the album for me.
  8. Should mention that this is the new Viet Cong album since they renamed themselves. Thanks for the early leak!
  9. The chorus sounds really good on this, but the whole cover doesn't really fit the atmosphere of the song imo.
  10. Neat. Thanks KL as always.
  11. Thank you so fucking much for this. You guys rule.
  12. I was kinda underwhelmed by Dead Silence as a whole (except by Viking Death March who is the most badass song they ever put out) so this is fiiiiiiiine.