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  1. When Northlane drops a banger of a new album and announces a tour date in your city on the same day.
  2. What is it with New Zeland and Straya that keeps them chruning out amazeballs prog metal bands? I mean, fuck, this is dope.
  3. Fucking Solid State man. They're like a gift that keeps on giving.
  4. So it seems like they're going toe to toe with BMTH on the heavy scale.
  5. I could listen to Erak play all fucking day.
  6. Btw this is a censored version of the album
  7. Alright seriously what the fuck, this is excellent.
  8. Raises hand. Which album should I start from?
  9. Maybe due to the fact that their music is the litteral definition of the word "chaos", which I get is definitely not for everyone.
  10. Fucking yes. From Indian Lakes is the shit.
  11. If the new NIN record sounds anything like this, i'll be fucking happy.
  12. Oh yeah no question about that.