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  1. Awesome, thanks, he was giving the album away for free on Twitter if you retreated some thing. Never acknowledged me so I have no guilt lol
  2. I guess we'll be seeing this soon
  3. I remember hanging out with these guys at that warped tour, got the album early and even got Derek's phone number and email from an interview at my college radio station
  4. I did enjoy the new LP from both can't swim and dryjacket. I always forget the mezingers and beach slang are from Philly and I love the wonder years, they are literally from two towns down
  5. I just found out these guys are from Philadelphia like modern baseball and I'm sitting here like hey I'm really close to Philadelphia and work there, bout time my city has put out actual music I enjoy
  6. Guess I'll have to check this out
  7. I haven't heard from these guys since GTA V
  8. Dude has been killing it today
  9. Feck yes Thanks mate
  10. They are apparently working on an album called the black album and it's supposedly more mature and will feature profanity
  11. Yesssssssss!!! Thanks so much for this, gonna be really good
  12. And to think I thought this would never happen
  13. Yesssss I love these guys
  14. Does this mean well get a new LP soon