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  1. So this was their big reveal, a new album with a single that apparently sucks hardcore. FOB has always been hit or miss I feel at least outside of their first L.P. but hey you gotta reinvent the wheel with every release if you are making mainstream stuff
  2. Never listened to hid band, maybe I'll check this out Will it save my soul for god lol
  3. I did really enjoy the self titled but I wish we could get more like riot/all we know just because they were more musically driven Haven't listened to this yet but from what I've heard it's not like that
  4. I remember meeting these guys about 11 years ago at warped, had a very long intelligent convo with Tim. These guys are crazy nice people and amazing musicians
  5. Thanks a billion been waiting on this for ages. Had such a lousy day at work. This makes up for it
  6. single

    I really can't wait for the whole L.P. This should hold for a few hours. Love the crap out of these guys. Saw them twice a few weeks ago (they played two nights in my city).
  7. It was five
  8. single

    New album from them too? Damn 2017 is on fire most likely
  9. I was excited to see a new song but then I saw the track number and was like snap it's not a new album
  10. I really loved catalyst, but I think the difference with that is bc it came after the iconic sticks and stones
  11. Am I in the minority that actually loved almost all of California? I hear a lot of people griping about.
  12. Awesome, thanks, he was giving the album away for free on Twitter if you retreated some thing. Never acknowledged me so I have no guilt lol
  13. I guess we'll be seeing this soon
  14. I remember hanging out with these guys at that warped tour, got the album early and even got Derek's phone number and email from an interview at my college radio station