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  1. This is horrible just like Heavy. This is not the LP we want.
  2. Well hopefully it does have some heavier songs. Jesus Wept was pretty good. I still enjoy the new songs so far.
  3. Quality aside, this is so good. Maybe their best album.
  4. Oh boy here we go...
  5. So good, Just like the rest of the singles so far have been. Cant wait for this album.
  6. This is so good.
  7. Thanks KL! R.I.P. Suicide Silence
  8. I thought this album was alright. Not as good as their previous release but still decent.
  9. Um yeah not sure what this has to do with Pokemon GO at all. Considering the original version of this song came out almost 20 years ago. This is a pretty cool remake though.
  10. Pretty solid album, although I thought the 2nd half was a little slow paced. At this point I've accepted that they will never sound like STST or WTF again.
  11. The zippyshare version of this is edited. Just thought Id point it out. Good album though.