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  1. So much better than the last 2 albums holy shit
  2. Never really got into northlane on Node but this album is really good. I love the artwork as well
  3. i am ready for 2017 DANCE GAVIN DANCE ALBUM OF THE YEAR
  5. gravity - architects
  6. same i clicked on it for that reason but they are pretty good
  7. such a hard bunch to choose from. amity is my fav band but i think ill vote for architects
  8. accidentally clicked on the youtube video and i am glad i did
  9. world wide is pretty good as well
  10. mmmm that riff on the title track
  11. https://www.facebook.com/Fronzilla/videos/1249370275086511/ inb4 Public Apology drops as a single drops tomorrow
  12. she totally fucked her career because of that hahahhahahahahahaha