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  1. there's a 128kbps rip floating around that is a direct rip of the files from the app
  2. that's cool but i still think waiting is in my best interest, all the power to the people that choose to listen
  3. as in a proper rip or just editing these tracks? because in my mind i think anyone should still avoid it if it is not a proper rip.
  4. i listened to track 7 from the discord as the dude was ripping it and it sounds awful, if you have been waiting 7 years like i have for this record avoid this rip
  5. song is lit but who is even in this band ANYMORE
  6. it's time to stop
  7. record is dope, could definitely do without all the political stuff but i get that that is kind of the point
  8. yes
  9. More chune for your head top
  10. No way! Go watch either of the straight to dvd releases. Yeah of course the lead singer is going to be sort of the center of attention in ANY band but the other members have all been equally a part of it. Im sure this was a creative decision but it just feels really off until the last ~30 seconds of the song
  11. i love all time low, i have the swir girls tattooed on my leg, it and their following records hold a place in my heart (including dirty work). my issue with this track is not because its different, its because it feels like alex gaskarth show and it doesn't sound like half of the band was even included. that being said it is probably a grower and i doubt the entire record will be like this.
  12. i liked the load on click but i think they should be a little bigger, i liked how that looked
  13. this is probably the most generic metalcore record i have heard in a long time and by saying this, i mean it sounds like i have heard it before and it is hard to distinguish from say another band that has released 2 or 3 records in this style. with that being said, i'm into it and i know not everything is going to be different or innovative..
  14. code orange and my ticket home
  15. lol you guys called this like 3 months ago