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  1. Release - March 3, 2017Genre - MetalcoreQuality - MP3 320kbpsTracklist: 1. It's That Time of the Month, Watch Out for Bears 2. Covalence 3. Oceans 4. Wrath DownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes
  2. Release - March 24, 2017Genre - MetalcoreQuality - MP3 V0 *Thank you @BRDSX for purchasing!*Tracklist: 1. The Song 2. Day After Day 3. Dead Point 4. Up Against the Wall 5. Fake Mask 6. The Answer Is You 7. Surroun(Dead) 8. Water into the Sand 9. Lost Fools (feat. Andrew Vantula) 10. Lost in the Routine of Our Days Download Support Physical / iTunes
  3. Release - March 10, 2017Genre - Progressive MetalQuality - MP3 V0 *Thank you @BRDSX for purchasing!*Tracklist: 1. Progressions Begin 2. Through the Eyes of Eternity 3. Fragments (feat. Ryan Bortner) 4. Progressions Broken by Time 5. We Drown With Our Vices 6. Wallow/Unreality (feat. Aaron Miller & Jesse Chieffo) 7. Progressions Broken by Space 8. Prison of Mind (feat. Jerret Aubert) 9. Mad Circus (feat. Trae Titus) 10. Progressions End DownloadSupportFacebook / Physical
  4. Release - March 17, 2017Genre - Melodic HardcoreQuality - MP3 V0 *Thank you @BRDSX for purchasing!*Tracklist: 1. Year of Filth 2. Don't Dare Tread on Me 3. The Snake and the Pig 4. Dear America, 5. Precipice DownloadSupportFacebook / Physical
  5. Release - March 24, 2017Genre - Hip-Hop/RapQuality - M4A 256kbpsTracklist: 1. The Heart Part 4DownloadSupportFacebook / iTunes
  6. This album....wow. It didn't all click at first. I definitely liked what I was hearing but I didn't quite absorb it all. I think that even if you miss Adiran, you can recognize that this sound would have not been possible without Marcus, so that's reason enough to like Marcus. His voice is unlike any other imo. But anyway, Zero-One and Render are my favorites. Zero-One has an awesome synthy intro, followed by 10/10 lyrics in "Drifting away to a place, Where there’s more than this." 2:00 is one of the best moments of an incredible album. Render has a mindblowing intro, and the ending is so ethereal and beautiful while also so empty of hope lyrically; Marcus does an insane job of expressing hopelessness to match the lyrics then the cool part from Mesmer after is just wow. Instrumentals are so unique and epic, Marcus is at his peak, and the lyrics are just as meaningful as always, but are written more poetically and cohesively. 9.5/10.
  7. I love this band, everything they touch is gold
  8. This shit goes so hard, such a fresh sound while also staying true to metalcore. Heavy music done right!
  9. Release - March 3, 2017Genre - Melodic HardcoreQuality - MP3 VBR V0 *Thank you BRDSX for purchasing!*Tracklist: 1. Skin 2. A Friend of Mine 3. Four Hundred 4. Through Me 5. Faded 6. Hush 7. When the Lights Hit Low 8. Dust 9. Vanity 10. Dive 11. SoothingDownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / Bandcamp
  10. Release - March 17, 2017Genre - MetalcoreQuality - MP3, 320kbpsTracklist: 2. It's YoursDownloadZippyshare OmertaSupportFacebook / iTunes
  11. Release - March 20, 2017Genre - Hip Hop, AlternativeQuality - MP3 128kbpsTracklist: 1. Busted & Blue 2. Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan)DownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / iTunes
  12. Release - March 6, 2017Genre - Progressive RockQuality - MP3 V0 *Thank you @BRDSX for purchasing!*Tracklist: 1. Uninvited 2. Megafauna 3. Empty Vein 4. Locked Up 5. OkamiDownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / Bandcamp
  13. Release - March 17, 2017Genre - Death MetalQuality - MP3, 320kbpsTracklist: 1. Horsestance 2. Act, Re-Enact 3. Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends 4. Any Promise 5. Cold Repeater 6. Reprise 7. Moonbred Chains 8. Do Not Deviate 9. Spider Song 10. Traveling Through Abyss 11. Enough for OneDownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / iTunes / Physical
  14. Release - March 17, 2017Genre - Easycore, Pop PunkQuality - MP3, 320kbpsTracklist: 2. G SeriesDownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / iTunes
  15. Release - March 5, 2017Genre - Indie RockQuality - MP3, 320kbpsTracklist: 1. 3WW DownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / iTunes
  16. Release - March 10, 2017Genre - Rap Rock, MetalQuality - MP3, 320kbpsTracklist: 2. The Ski Mask WayDownloadZippyshareOmertaSupportFacebook / iTunes
  17. Everything this man does is amazing
  18. single

    I've been open minded about their new stuff, I very much enjoy Real and Dark Matter, but this is and overdose are nothing special. They said on fb the next album is building off sounds like Made This Way, Dreamer, and Trapped; I wish they went the Dark Matter song route, but oh well.
  19. I realize everyone has different taste in music and there are bound to be disagreements, but SOME of these really just shouldn't be in this thread. And it is realistic to think that some of the posters in this thread underestimate the term "god-tier."
  20. I think most of you dont understand what "god-tier" is. These are albums that were #1 the year they came out and still stand the test of time as being amazing. Some of these replies are laughable.
  21. If you don't think this is fun and dope, then that's fine, but I disagree. Bassline is funky, song flows nicely, and it's overall rap-metal done right. Can't say I like it more than most of their old songs, but this is cool and I'd like to see how it fits with the album. Also, shoutout Crown the Empire for the cameo
  22. So this is actually pretty good. The song is well written with some cool guitar licks. Don't Panic: It's Longer Now will probably always be their best release, but this gives me hope of an album at least as good as Future Hearts which was decent.
  23. oh shit that's awesome, will definitely give them a listen now
  24. I was wondering the same thing haha. 60% done with book 1 now
  25. This is really good imo. I wish more songs were like Through Hell and Aggression, but it's a fun album. My only gripe is that the bassist's vocals are horribly average.