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  1. Who's Aaron? All I know is Jack Black and he's a solid vocalist.
  2. Solid group right here, really great jams
  3. I would like this as much as their first 3 albums if it just had more power to it. It doesn't seem like Hayley cares to go all out like she used to and its a damn shame. The song itself is very fun and different than their last album, but after 3 and a half years, I did expect more. We shall see what else is to come.
  4. all i care about is this beautiful artwork
  5. Vocal feature is weird, but this song rips regardless. That fucking intro though. Just wow. Also, anyone else think the vocals sound a little like JT Cavey's screams in this? Solid fucking band here boiiis
  6. single

    This single sounds like all their albums combined. I love this sound. This band is simply amazing.
  7. Very solid group right here. From the singles I've heard, this is going to be an exciting album.
  8. Thank you! The Dead Rabbitts > Escape The Fate by miles
  9. Apologies, I didn't think to click that. Thank you much.
  10. Great solid band, sadly the link warns me of a 'decpetive site' and doesn't allow me to continue forward.
  11. Lets do it, great idea
  12. Post hardcore*
  13. aversions crown
  14. outdated meme
  15. It was four.