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  1. Better vocalist than Denis, so digging this
  2. I'm in pure awe. What a banger, I swear this is 2017 AOTY BABY!
  3. Facts, even more scary
  4. By refreshing you mean refreshingly shitty right?
  5. Lets see..Better or worse than Cold World?
  6. Wow this is amazing. A full album of this style would be kickass.
  7. Decent song, expected better with how amazing their last album was. Still happy they are back
  8. Just pure amazing, this album is. So heavy and melodic. THANK YOU
  9. That fucking album art though.
  10. Sounds like every song on the radio. Conforming to textbook in the mainstream industry of music is pretty damn easy, thus the release of this shitty song. "They've evolved" No, they have regressed. Taken many steps backward. Oh well.
  11. Sounds great, solid album
  12. Style change to pop* We've all seen it fail a lot, ie Tonight Alive
  13. Betraying The Martyrs killed this month! Going to have to go for them this month with Palisades at #2 and Dangerkids at #3
  14. If I didn't read the title, I wouldn't guess that this is All That Remains. Sounds so different that even the cleans don't sound like Phil. Madness is bad, but Safe House kind of sounds like their old stuff. I hope these aren't the finished products, because it sounds like something is missing from both of these singles.
  15. <p>wished they stuck to being rock, now they're another sold out group</p>