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  1. I can't wait to see if this becomes an album. IF it is i'm in to purchase it
  2. Hell ya!! I love it!!! Seriously should've done this sooner. Thanks KL! You guys rock
  3. I like it, although it does feel a bit generic? IDK. Not as good as shapeshifter imo Thanks a lot KL!
  4. Surprisingly good. So glad!
  5. You have it already?! Ahh w/e
  6. How....the? Well whatever. I'm super excited now so thanks!
  7. For me it was definitely crown the empire course then again they haven't released a good album since 2012-13
  8. Perfect and definitely not disappointing like the singles, thank god, haha!
  9. Well about damn time! It's beautiful! Still doesn't beat the original, but i give it a 3/5
  10. Gotta admit, as hyped as i am for this album and as much as i love this band, so far this album is pretty disappointing judging by the singles.
  11. Seriously though, this album is amazing imo!!! the outcast is straight fire!! Possibly my favorite song by them!
  12. I like this. It's kinda weird for a MMF release though. I definitely wasn't expecting this after unconditional
  13. I love this album, been jamming it all day today!! 11/10 is my rating just because it's not OM&M latest. 12/10 for Vocals. The vocals are literally perfect on this album.
  14. I love this band sooo much, the song is perfect imo so thanks guys!!!