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  1. THANK YOU!! Now i can actually give this a good listen. I am now looking forward to tomorrow
  2. This album sounds so crazy. Definitely gonna wait for a 320 to give it a full listen though. Cant wait!
  3. Ive followed DH since back in the day of Undoing Ruin. I have loved ALL of their material, though their last album truly disappointed me. It felt uninspired and much less creative. THIS song, however - has me VERY excited that they're returning to their roots that I've always loved them for. Overall so excited for what their next album brings to the table. Legendary band.
  4. Very heavy Architects influence for sure. Not a bad thing at all, but these guys need to do something to make the sound their own. But overall, if you enjoy Architects, this album should be a no brainer for you.