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Martyr Defiled - Young Gods (2017)

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Release - April 21, 2017

Genre - Deathcore

Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR
1. Sins Of The Father
2. Bury Your Corpses Deep
3. At The Throne Of Salem
4. Their Souls Are Mine
5. Kneel (feat. Konan Hall of Malevolence)
6. Carpe Noctem (feat. Pierre Pelbu of Knuckledust)
7. Through Famine, War & Scorn
8. Sow, And You Shall Reap
9. What Lies Beneath
10. Reborn
11. Pestillent Bastille
12. Sins Of The Mother
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This is so goddamn good. So far this is my PERSONAL* favorite  deathcore release thus far in 2017. This shit has teeth. Heavy as hell, yet so super foot-tappin' melodic. There are some absolute bangers on here (such as 'Bury You Corpses Deep', and 'Their Souls Are Mine'). The kinda bangers that make ya drive 30 over the limit, while white-knuckling the steering wheel without noticing kinda bangers. Dig it big time.


*all y'all opinionated, self-righteous, "butthurt" folk out there, pay attention to that word very closely. Also learn how to take a joke.

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