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Depeche Mode - Spirit (Deluxe) (2017)

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Release - March 17, 2017
Genre - Synthpop
Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR

01. Going Backwards (5:42)
02. Where's the Revolution (4:59)
03. The Worst Crime (3:48)
04. Scum (3:14)
05. You Move (3:49)
06. Cover Me (4:51)
07. Eternal (2:24)
08. Poison Heart (3:17)
09. So Much Love (4:29)
10. Poorman (4:25)
11. No More (This Is the Last Time) (3:13)
12. Fail (5:07)
13. Cover Me (Alt Out) (4:26)
14. Scum (Frenetic Mix) (5:26)
15. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix) (4:16)
16. Fail (Cinematic Cut) (5:37)
17. So Much Love (Machine Mix) (7:19)


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Thanks for this. It saved me the $$$ of buying this piece of garbage of an album. Listened through once and deleted it, complete zzzzzzzzzzzzzz fest imo. I loved everything they had done up through Songs of Faith & Devotion, couldn't stand Ultra and Exciter, LOVED Playing the Angel, and then three more giant turds in a row with Sounds of the Universe, Delta Machine, and now Spirit. If you like the ones I can't stand - you'll also more than likely enjoy this one. I'd rather enjoy the silence than ever hear this again. See what I did there? I crack myself up, lol.


Edit: P.S. Synthpop no longer describes this band. It's more like electronic alt-rock.

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