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New Award System + How to Earn

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Thanks to the original suggestion made by @@Jake, we have finally found and implemented a working Award system. This is a fun way to get members activity to increase, while working your way to get some awards to show off on your profile.




To view all current awards, you can click HERE or click on the tab at the top of the site,to the right of the "Gallery" tab.


There are 2 places your awards show up:

1. In your profile


2. In any reply you make






Each award we have listed, has a certain requirement or quota needed in order to earn it (some are up to the Admin's discretion).

Only the post count awards will automatically be awarded to you. All others will need to be requested! If an Admin notices you meet a requirement, we will add it for you without the need for a request.



Here's a list of all our current awards with some additional info on them, I will update this as they are added/edited.


I Have Something To Say...

megaphone-2-icon-48.png - Awarded to the most active user in the Chatbox (only 1 award given at a time)


Spammer of the Month (July)

Mail-spam-icon-48.png - This not-so-rewarding award recognizes a user who routinely uses his/her keyboard to express their excitement/discontent in an unpleasing manner (we are testing this monthly Award. spam the shoutbox like @( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is known for and this could be yours)


[insert thirsty.gif Here]

Thirsty.png - Someone who publicly demonstrated their thirstyness (spam in Chatbox and on topics about a certain release)


1 Year Anniversary

Year1.png - Be a member of KL for at least 1 year with 500 posts (must request)


2 Year Anniversary

Year2.png - Be a member of KL for at least 2 years with 1500 posts (must request)

Master of Discussion
Master-Joda-icon-48.png - Someone who has made 1000+ posts in the community. Only a few have achieved this feat.
Top Contributor
badge_gold.png - A dedicated KL contributor. Has made 200+ posts in the community
Active Contributor
Active_Contributor.png - Members that have made at least 50 posts in the community
heart-icon-48.png - Users that have donated to the site
money-piggy-bank-icon-48.png - Users that have donated $50 or more
1469943752_Money_Bag.png - Users that have donated $100 or more
My Watch Has Ended
9344_Retired.png - Given to those who have once been on staff
Voted Most Likely To Succeed
The Chosen One
Founder.png - Good luck getting this one
Folders-Administrative-Tools-icon-48.png - Recognizes the designers and developers of KL (Admin only)
Click HERE to go to the Request forum
Please reply with any questions you have.
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