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  2. None of them. Boring album in my opinion.
  3. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Feels like ages since Polaris came out. Can't wait to hear this!
  6. This wouldn't feel out of place even if I heard it in high school... good stuff.. some dark elements and jolly vibes too..
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    hello yes 100 listens later this is still fucking amazing
  8. dont be a wanker and go buy it. local band that needs support. they dont get enough credit!
  9. Nope you're not blind. Track 28 added!
  10. Can't wait to hear it!
  11. Yesterday
  12. low tuned but high key very good
  13. Leaked Release - March 31st, 2017 Genre - Electronic, Dubstep, Dance Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Tracklist 1. Home (feat. Sophie Simmons) 2. Without You (feat. The Galaxy & Gia Koka) 3. Love & War (feat. Yade Lauren) 4. Good Day (feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant) 5. Open (feat. Moksi & Jonna Fraser) 6. City on Lockdown (feat. Juicy J & Lil Debbie) 7. Friends In The Dark (feat. Otis Parker) 8. Stacks (feat. Quavo, Tinie Tempah & Cesqeaux) 9. Last Paradise (feat. Sody) 10. Light Years (feat. Rochelle) 11. Hold On to Me (feat. GTA) 12. Rose Horizon (feat. STORi) 13. Invitation (feat. Yade Lauren) Downloads Support Facebook / iTunes
  14. NEW SINGLE Free downlaod > https://uponthosedying.bandcamp.com/track/s-a-v-a-g-e-ft-tyler-shelton
  15. Anyone else having trouble downloading the FLAC version? I've tried it on three devices and two different Internet connections, it gets to 2.8KB and then stops downloading.
  16. Fixed
  17. 320 kbps please
  18. That tracklist looks fucking amazing
  19. ...dude, the new Architects is more generic metalcore too. It is exceptional metalcore. But its exceptional, marketable metalcore. more marketable than earlier material. Go listen to "the darkest tomb". that's raw. not a great song the whole time. unpolished. but ends like the fucking wrath of the elements. they don't do that anymore. Listen to a song like The Truth from WSS ep. its not even comparable on a personal level, even if u don't think its as good a 'song'. "Let's feeeeel........" "wide awake, wide awake, wide awake..." Si-lence!... settle down society!" like they're not even remotely close. there isn't a single song on this album that is personal if you're paying attention. its hard to be personal. Most people aren't aware of themselves. Everyone isn't aware of themselves to some extent, me, my mother, you, and your friends. Very few of us get close to our own "core" pun intended. Mostly we just imitate "core", and we generalize, stereotype, and standardize what it is, just like we standardize being an 'individual' in america. the paradox is if you're not closer to the core than the artist, you have no way of telling that the artist is straying from theirs to market to what you want to think about yours. Developing a taste in deeper core/metal is much about developing a sense of gratitude for those who are closer to their core than you. It helps you get closer to yours when you surrender to the feelings of another person. WSS were that for me years ago. WSS are no longer being themselves. They are being the version of themselves that most people will like the most. Their first LP was called "This is the Six." The Six stands for the sixth member of their band, not necessarily "fans," but the beating heart of the underground music scene that connects to them and helps complete their passion. Brainwashed starts with "we are the underground, you know nothing of our sound". The story of brainwashed is of individuality being seized by modernity. talks about being brainwashed, feeling like the walls are closing in, the brutal cycle of touring, etc. their next album is called You are We, a direct rehash of This is the Six. They literally are basically the same idea, only You are We is a standardized, easier to understnad, and also 1000x less poignant and less personal version. Where This is the Six implies a distinction and union between the band and the other member, You are We implies "you" whoever you are, a strategy known as interpellation, and basically points a finger at you asking you to help feel like you are in the band by funding the album. the 6th is now the person who pays money to the band to make a marketable record, and the entire album was announced upon this campaign. Sorry. the 6th has been here longer than "You." the "You" is a bullshit hypothetical person - the direct opposite of personal - its no longer the 6- the person in the pit screaming into the mic, when the band is making no money and running on pure passion - its now all of "you," and Sleeps is now "We" like a dystopian novel. Personality has fled. Social image has replaced. Cause social image sells. Personality makes people insecure. I'm not implying this is average. I'm implying its exceptional. and a generic version of themselves. and for that reason, its not even close to as good, even if temporarily you may find it a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. but catharsis comes less deep and less frequent here. its rawness is at a level 2, even if its a level 10 in comparison to the most generic bands.
  20. So I have to eat my words here, both Coming Home and Loser are phenomenal in my opinion and i really hope the rest of Coming Home sounds like this
  21. when it comes to heavy music (well if I'm being honest, almost any genre) Two cultures seem to consistently do it better than most. The Aussies, and the Brits. This album is honestly one of my favorite metalcore releases in quite some time. Front to back, there wasn't one song I didn't like. The musicianship, both vocalists, the lyrics...all so incredible. The true, raw emotion felt throughout the album just kicks like a fuckin' mule. If you slept on this, you truly must get your IQ AND ears checked.
  22. When I'm angry I listen to shit like this. I don't need incredible insight lyrically speaking. Don't need the most technical or creative musicianship. Just something that even mentally and metaphorically makes me feel like my veins are exploding with fire as I punch by bloody knuckles against the wall...this does that, so it works. Music has all sorts of meanings and uses.
  23. ...And the winner of the Stay Sick March 3rd release match is Villain Of The Story! Crazy good album. Doesn't necessarily bring anything completely new or fresh to the table of post-hardcore/metalcore, but there's nothing that feels lackadaisical or stale about it either. Awesome vocals, both screamed and clean, heavy as hell when needed, excellent touches of electronics...Fronz did it again (by did it again, I mean signed another band better than his...)
  24. Overall it's a pretty decent album. I do enjoy it. But I hyped myself out way too much, and it didn't live up to it sadly. The singles (imo) were so stellar, that I expected more from the album as a whole. It will stay on my iPhone (mostly cause I have the 256G model), and get some plays from time to time, but of the two Stay Sick albums that dropped on March 3rd, this did not take the winning title...
  25. These guys are fuckin' fun as hell. I mean come on...song titles like "Goin' In The Backdoor", "Poontang Boomerang", and "Pussy Ain't Free"...? You just gotta love that. Also pretty much sums up my life...my bar is as low as it can go...
  26. Absolutely amazing album ! Totally worth the listen, I am new fan of them, I know their side-project Thraenenkind(now King Of Apathy) and both of them are amazing Thank you KL for showing me so many great bands
  27. both link are dead, can someone fix it.???
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