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  3. Not bad, not really something I could jam a lot tho
  5. Warcry is so much better, but this is not bad at all
  6. This is great, the shoe gaze is strong. Ill add this album to my Turnover/Citizen spins when released.
  7. At least it's shorter than the other Sun Kil Moon album from this year (A great album in its own right if split into 3rds)
  8. Thank you!!!
  9. Release - April 22nd, 2017 Genre - Alternative Rock Quality - MP3, 320kbps CBR Purchased by @thomasj182 Tracklist 1. Sea Change 2. Black Honey (Live @ SiriusXM) Downloads Support! Facebook / iTunes
  10. meh.. I wish these two singles were better. It's boring
  11. this is awesome . . . but i sure hope this isn't just a one off, and the album isn't just gonna sound like the last two again.
  12. This is the most Metalcore I've ever seen this band..dark vocals big improvement finally!
  13. Reminiscent of Title Fight's Hyperview but Hundredth outdid themselves on this one. Striking the balance between melody and aggression.
  14. This is a very solid effort. Every song just slams!! I highly recommend this for every metalcore fan. it has it all. Still listening to it.
  15. Hope this is better than their last collab. In theory, a Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album should be amazing, but it was like the Lulu album...something that should have never been made.
  16. damn didnt know they were still around
  17. Yesterday
  18. This is a top notch year so far for metal, and this is at the very top. Very impressive follow up.
  19. If only the vocals sounded a bit less artificial, I'd really dig this
  20. First the new Shadow of Intent Album and now this. Legit, made my day
  22. Yeah unfortunately this was the quality sent out as a promo.
  23. Agreed. Pretty good. Just need a quality update because this release sounds like it was mixed in a pepsi can xD
  24. No comments yet... W00000000t? (o.O) This album is fiiiire
  25. Close your eyes.. BRACE FOR THE IMPACT! fuck thats a good intro
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