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  3. Nope because links are not allowed in posts or chat. Try an adblock or use a different browser to download.
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  5. Link doesnt work on my phone. Can someone please upload elsewhere?
  6. TO each there own. I actually feel the exact opposite. Because everyone praises those first 2 albums so much i tried hard to like them but besides a few songs nothing stood out. Than node came and it attracted me more but I still thought the songwriting needed more variation and focus. Than mesmer dropped and Its pretty much exactly what id hoped for. After the amazing equinox ep I expected this album to deliver and I think it definitely succeeded.
  7. After a few listens, the album is good not great. Gonna take a lot more listens before I decide where this ranks in their discography. Sometimes the album feels more like a Chris Cresswell solo album w a rock band (not The Flatliners) playing along. And does anyone else get annoyed w the vocal effect that's in every song? Let his beautiful voice alone mannnn
  8. That's exactly how I feel about the Flatliners vocalist! But I hear what you're layin' down broheim
  9. I haven't either but he has a very distinct unforgettable voice for some odd reason.
  10. Can't say I agree or disagree cause it's been quite some time since I listened to Rascal Flatts...but now sir you have me curious...
  11. Yeah, he sounds like Rascal Flatts if he ever went punk.
  12. Lol whaaaaaat?? No offense meant (AT ALL), but check your ears mate!
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  14. sounds alot like the Shinedown vocalist
  15. Came back here just because of Northlane lol 4 tracks in and I'm bored already. Everything sounds repetitive to me and ever since Node, they sound like every other "Progressive Metal" band out there. At least with Discoveries and Singularity, they're distinct. Pretty bummed cause Northlane used to be my top 5 fav bands but I guess I've grown out of them.
  16. New Sonic Syndicate and Gideon singles added!
  17. This. Is. So. Nostalgic. Spirit of the Valley (Gerudo Valley) has to be my personal favorite, from this album and as a soundtrack song.
  18. Cant wait for Friday. Really interesting album art choice.
  19. As I said, it is just my own opinion. Cavalcade is phenomenal. So is the great awake. This just has a healthy mix of all past releases and the vocalist has definitely expanded his abilities. Not saying others should share my opinion though...
  20. That's a bold statement. I'm looking forward to hearing this, but I was a bit disappointed with their last album. But it's not their fault. It's nearly impossible to top "Cavalcade" in my opinion.
  21. Woah. Way early! Thanks for this!!
  22. Absolutely their best album yet (in my ever so humble opinion). Carries some of that punk feel they've always done so well, with a twist of alternative and almost some americana/folksy likevibes thrown in for good measure. Nice to see a label like Rise recognize some good quality Canadian tunes!
  23. This is dope if you guys havent jumped on this
  24. 320 when
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